What’s this all about?

Tough times are often a pre-condition for good times

What is this Site about?

  • Stories of people who had surgery very early in their life
  • Parents’ stories about their baby’s surgery
  • What the many survivors of infant surgery have learnt about a range of issues
  • Some relevant information about infant surgery and how it can affect people

Why this Site?
There are many stories and much information on the Web about infant surgery – the reasons for it, the often wonderful outcomes, the occasional bad experiences, and the sometimes long-term physical and emotional trauma that results.
Important information about all of this is scattered across the internet on thousands of information websites, buried in discussion forums and raised in personal blogs, but there seems to be no place at all where an attempt is made to collect and overview it.
As a result, the web-surfer often gets only a part of the story.  Many medical people will only be interested in the “technical” side or at most helping the people concerned with the issue that has been presented.  Parents just want to get through the immediate crisis.  And with infant surgery the “survivors” don’t get to tell their stories until many years later – and then, So what? Move on! Gettalife!

Is all this really an issue?
For many people the short answer is clearly:  No!
Most people have not had infant surgery, nor ever submitted their tiny pride-and-joy for non-elective surgery.
Many of those who have had surgery in their infancy, or lived through their child’s early surgery, have long ago put it behind them.  They have no ongoing problems and hardly want to be reminded of something they cannot remember.
But for a significant minority the short answer is:  Yes!
And this “minority” amounts to many thousands … and more.  For them, their infant surgery remains a significant issue, although usually quietly hidden.

Who are you?
The person running this blogsite is a Dutch-born Australian and a recently retired church pastor.  I enjoy writing, researching and networking.  A lifetime of living with various effects of my own early surgery and the ease of networking and interacting via the internet have “come together”.
Contributions and comments of all kinds are very welcome, but should of course conform to the usual standards.  Why not post a Comment here or contact me with a contribution, query or private comment via the email Link?

What do you know?
For more than 10 years I have read information websites and on-line journal articles about this galaxy of subjects.  I have had some fascinating, affirmative, heart-rending and heart-warming correspondence with fellow survivors and parents.
I have no formal medical training or professional medical experience but have read widely in this field over many years – with the mind and heart of somebody who has had some 40 years of pastoral training and rich experience.
So what you will find here must not be read as personal professional advice, but as a forum of published information and personal experiences.
I trust the blogs you read here are informative, reassuring and heart-warming for you.

2 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. wendy williams

    What a godsend this blog is. I’m thrilled at the thought of the posts I’ll be privy to read in 2011. I enjoy the perspective of the blogger, Fred–thoughtful, reassuring, intelligent, and informative. I hope to submit a story one day soon and look forward to reading the contributions of others. Many thanks for this forum. I love the images and the subheadings and personal stories you’ve offered so far. Please keep those posts and pictures coming.

  2. Fred

    Thank you, Wendy, for your enthusiastic encouragement. The start has been a tad hesitant but I trust I can follow your example and make good progress.


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