Christmas greetings and …

Dear Reader,

Receive my best wishes for a joyful Christmas Season and a great New Year.  I trust that you can enjoy some special times, hopefully with family and friends, as well as a change of pace and focus.


In many ways 2015 has been an unusual but wonderful year for my wife Helen and me.

We completed a total of 11 months of happy and productive locum work in NW Tasmania and Geelong churches, enabling us to make many new friends and reconnect with several others as well as our children and siblings in Tasmania and Victoria (two Australian States).

We sold our first owned home and are building another, again in a NE Adelaide suburb; we are told that we’ll be able to move in late July.  In the meantime, our home base is now the rumpus room of our daughter’s family home very close to where we are building.

Last June we cruised the Pacific with one of our children’s families and celebrated my 70th in a holiday camp with all our children and their families.  My Facebook photo albums show and tell those stories!

We’re both not surprised but a bit sad that we lacked the energy and time to continue with some of our initial retirement commitments and connections – but we certainly replaced these with other productive involvement.  And in 2016 I look forward to more regular blogging.

Thank you for your interest in my Blog – your responses and feedback are always welcome.

With my warm greetings,

Fred Vanderbom

7 thoughts on “Christmas greetings and …

    1. Fred Vanderbom Post author

      Thank you Ian!
      This Southern summer in much of Australia (including Adelaide) is proving to be yet another in a succession or record breakers: warmest and highest average temperature (for several recent months and certainly December), greatest number of heatwaves (at least 3 successive days over at least 35 degrees Celsius), driest, etc.
      And our TV news reminds us that Australia is not alone having to manage climate change: the worst floods in the UK, the most winter tornadoes in the USA, heatwaves and drought in South America …
      As mentioned in my post, my blog has had a quietish year as Helen and I have given priority to doing two lengthy periods the locum work as well as our house-building project. I’m glad the locums were well received and they were stimulating and enjoyable for us, but this kind of retirement activity does take up much of our time and energy!
      To you and Judith, and all our SIS readers: best wishes and kind thoughts as we move into 2016.

  1. Wendy

    And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Fred! Best wishes to you and your family and friends. I’m looking forward to your blog posts in 2016 and as always, our continued work together on this path……or, as we say, our swim in these waves.

  2. Fred Vanderbom Post author

    Thank you Wendy for your as always positive, encouraging and enthusiastic greetings and good wishes.
    Thank you also for your ever-faithful responses to my rather irregular postings of recent years. In responding to Ian Rogers I mentioned some of my preoccupations of the past year, but in fact both 2014 and 2015 have taken Helen and me in all sorts of new, stimulating and demanding directions: interstate and overseas travel, two lengthy and energy-sapping church assistance locums, and of course our first (and likely last) lesson in the joys and frustrations of “building”.
    I must also apologise for my patchy responding to your ReStory posts of late. As I wrote in my Christmas post here on SIS, both Helen and I have had to make a conscious and painful decision to let go of some of our treasured commitments – although only for as long as necessary.
    In the coming year, we will be without a fixed address until (we’re told) late July; we are now staying with a number of our family circle in not-too-long succession. And after that we must expect that the fitting out of our new home and small garden will take some concentrated focus. But we both also expect that our lives will become rapidly more settled in later 2016. “Touch wood”!
    So, in our language, we’ll stay on the beach and look forward to getting back into the swim. In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll each continue to dig and build !

    1. Wendy

      Thank you, Fred. So good to hear from you. I certainly understand, AND I have missed your comments and posts. But one can’t always be in the waves. I certainly have waxed and waned these past months. I am very happy for you that you see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding a home to call yours summer 2016. I trust we’ll start our swim (e-book) when you are ready. It will be wonderful and I am looking forward to our project. It’s been a long time coming. Perhaps too the perspective we will have gained will serve us well in the doing of it. I am committed to it. Then instead of telling people to check out your blog as well as mine, I can simply say go online and check out OUR e-book (TITLE) 🙂 Happy, happy 2016! A year of building and reaping the rewards of a rich and challenging 2015. You are in my heart continuously. Comment on my posts when you can and we’ll keep emailing in the meantime. In the swim, love Wendy

      1. Fred Vanderbom Post author

        Thank you Wendy, for your kind reply and continued commitment to our plans for 2016. As I wrote, our lives for the past 18 months have been very unsettled and quite demanding, but yes, there is now light at the end of the tunnel, although our house-building is now 3 months behind the original promise and the wandering life will have to continue until late July (and that’s without further delays). Being told this happens so often does not make it welcome, and hardly acceptable to one who has always met due dates and deadlines! But our planned e-book should launch this year. We’re still in the swim!

      2. Wendy

        Ooooh, such good new year’s news although I’m sorry your home is off schedule. Here’s to being “in the swim”!

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