A book that explains Pyloric Stenosis

Dr Ian’s Rogers’ new book, Pyloric Stenosis of Infancy – the great mystery unravels, was published last month (January 2019) and has been recommended and ordered by grateful Facebook members of that social forum’s several (“closed”) Groups for those interested in any of the several issues related to Pyloric Stenosis (PS).

rogers-i-m-pyloric-stenosis-of-infancy-the-mystery-unravels-2019-1I have now received and digested my copy and keenly recommend it to anybody at all interested in any aspect of PS, whether its infant or adult form, whether you’re a parent or a now adult survivor.

This 176 page A5 book is written by a distinguished medical professional with a career-long record of researching and writing about what he believes causes PS.  Medical textbooks and Google searches will tell us that the cause (“etiology”) of PS is unknown.  What Dr Ian has written about “the great mystery of PS unravelled” in countless medical journal articles and in two small books is still “just a theory” in academic language…


  1. Ian Rogers’ theory makes more sense than any other explanation of PS’s cause, and
  2. his theory explains ALL the well-known and not-so-well-known features of PS!

So Dr Ian is understandably passionate for all medical workers and laypeople who have any connection with PS to take in and understand the importance of his “theory” of the cause of PS.

This book will give any interested reader a far better understanding of –

  • how PS came to be recognised and treated over several centuries,
  • how it seems to be caused and can therefore be treated either medically or surgically,
  • how it ticks all the PS recognition and diagnosis boxes (whether popularly recognised or scientific), and
  • why PS is likely to have continuing lifelong effects.

The book’s pages include many diagrams and illustrations as well as an exhaustive bibliography (for supportive material and further reading). As may be expected, it is written by a medical scientist and not a wordsmith, so parts of it will be rather “technical” for non-medical professionals, but this is hugely outweighed by the benefits of grasping what we each can of the book as a whole.

It will certainly help you: you’ll understand much, much more about your experience of PS than you’ve ever known before, even if (like me) you have mined web and social media sources of information about PS for many years.

The book’s cost is UK£15.00 and all profits will go to the Safe Water Trust, a charity operating in Tanzania and elsewhere distributing water filters.

Interested readers may like to search the web for the best way of ordering this book, but because of tax considerations you may find you have to order your copy from Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pyloric-stenosis-infancy-mystery-unravels/dp/1527225534/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548401758&sr=8-1&keywords=1527225534

3 thoughts on “A book that explains Pyloric Stenosis

  1. Ian Munro Rogers

    Dear Fred,

    Many thanks for your positive comments about the recent book. I wish I could write like you.



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